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Major Research and Service Accomplishments

(1906 - 2006)


The Horticultural Experiment Station-Vineland has been a pioneer in the development, introduction and management of fruit varieties, vegetables, flowers, ornamentals and mushrooms.


Tree Fruits

  • Developed and released over 77 varieties of peaches, apricots, cherries and plums for fresh and processing markets
  • Developed "Vineland" series of dwarfing and cold tolerant apple rootstocks
  • Introduced and promoted Bailey rootstock as a standard for propagation of peach trees in Ontario
  • Developed central leader training system for peaches and nectarines
  • Pioneered the use of trickle irrigation for efficient water management within Ontario
  • Adapted leaf analyses as a tool to determine fertilizer requirements for tree fruits
  • Introduced bacterial spot tolerant Venture processing clingstone peach cultivar



  • Served as the backbone for development of Ontario wine industry
  • Provided an anchor for non-bias research for non-Labrusca and French hybrids in the development of the wine industry


Processing and Post-Harvest

  • Developed and introduced techniques to maintain the quality of Ontario fruits and vegetables


Protected crops

  • Developed non-chemical growth retardant for lilies
  • Pioneered investigations into recycling of nutrients in hydroponic growth of flowers
  • Developed management strategies against green mould disease of cultivated mushrooms
  • Pioneered biological control strategies against mushroom insects
  • Developed production practices for long seedless cucumber in N America
  • Introduced new disease resistant greenhouse tomato cultivars



  • Pioneered the recycling of waste materials and liquids in ornamental production
  • Introduced azaleas hardy to  –26oC
  • Developed award winning lilies and gladioli
  • Developed and released over 42 varieties




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