Andrew Bailey
  1. With T. Brad Richards: “Phenomenology and Intentionality.”[ASSC 2007 Poster]
  2. “Consciousness and the Embodied Self.”[BPS-CEP 2006 PosterTucson 2006 Poster]
  3. “Multiple Realizability, Qualia and Natural Kinds.”[ASSC 2004 Poster]
  4. “The Unsoundness of Arguments From Conceivability.”
  5. “James, Brown and ‘The Will to Believe’.”
  6. “Zombies In Our Midst”
  7. With Neil Campbell: “Individuating Explanatory Types.”

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Here are some draft papers (and posters and whatnot). Comments are, naturally, more than welcome.

The archives of Psyche-D, a discussion group on theoretical issues in consciousness studies that I moderated from 1999 to 2007, are here.