Prof. Anna T. Lawniczak Room: MACN 522 EXT: 53287
M.Sc. (Eng.), Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology,
Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw, Poland

E-mail: Anna_DOT_Lawniczak_AT_gmail_DOT_com
Ph.D. Department of Mathematics, Southern Illinois University,
Carbondale, Illinois, USA
Formation of waves and Turing patterns in LGCA simulation[Fig. 8, page 685, 'Construction,
Mathematical Description And Coding Of Reactive Lattice-Gas Cellular Automaton', Simulation Practice and Theory 7 (2000) 657-689, Elsevier Science B.V. (with:
Jon Paul Voroney)]
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Biographical Information

Prof. Dr. Anna T. Lawniczak holds a M.Eng. (summa cum laude) in Mathematics from the Institute of Mathematics, Faculty of Fundamental Problems in Technology, Wroclaw University of Technology (Poland) and a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Southern Illinois University (USA). She has been a professor at Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, LA), at the University of Toronto, and since 1989 at the University of Guelph.

Dr. Lawniczak has held a number of visiting positions at various institutions. She has been a visitor, a collaborator, and a consultant at the Center for Nonlinear Studies of Los Alamos National Laboratory. Dr. Lawniczak has been both program visitor and non-program visito at The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, both in Waterloo and in Toronto, where she has organised various scientific activities and has served on the Board of Directors and on the Council. She also has been a program fellow at Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM), University of California, Los Angeles, USA. Currently, Dr. Lawniczak is also a Principal Investigator in Mathematics at the Energenius Centre for Advanced Nanotechnology, University of Toronto and Member of the Research Council of the Hugo Steinhaus Center, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland.

Dr. Lawniczak was invited to visit various universities (i.e. University of Bonn, Center for Stochastic Processes at the University of North Carolina, Bartol Research Institute at the University of Delaware, the University of Roma, etc).

Dr. Lawniczak has been president of CAIMS (Canadian Applied and Industrial Society) and active in SIAM and IEEE. She is or has been also a member of other scientific societies such as AMS, APS, CMS, IMACS, and SMB. As a result of her work, Dr. Lawniczak has been made a Senior Member of the IEEE, a Fellow of The Fields Institute For Research In Mathematical Sciences, and has received the CAIMS/SCMAI Arthur Beaumont Distinguished Service Award, for service too the Applied & Industrial Mathematics community.

Prof. Lawniczak has been an invited speaker at various scientific conferences, has authored and co-authored many scientific papers, and has been asked to referee the work of other scientists in her area of expertise.

Research Interests Include:

  • Mathematical Modeling, Simulation, & Analysis of Dynamics of Complex Natural, Engineering & Social Systems
    • Preferred Modeling & Simulation Methodology
      • Individually Based Simulation Models
      • Lattice/Graph Gas Cellular Automata
      • Agent Based Simulations
      • Cellular Automata
    • Recent Areas of Application
      • Data Communication Networks
      • Epidemics and Vaccination Strategies
      • Formation of Semiconductor Nanostructures
      • Biological Systems
      • Reaction-Diffusion Systems
    • Analysis of Dynamics of
      • Self-organization Processes
      • Multi-scale phenomena
      • Pattern Formation
      • Phase Transition
  • Theory & Application of Spatially Extended Discrete Dynamical Systems, Finite State Automata, Parallel and Distributed Algorithms, Statistical Physics, Time Series Analysis, Probability Theory & Stochastic Processes
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