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Workshop, March 8, 2006, London, Ontario
Similarly to our workshop last year, the participants at this workshop represented researchers, producers, and policy makers. The main goal of this workshop was to identify the supporting measurements and reporting standards for GHG emission studies. Discussions focused on identifying the minimum variables required in a study in order to promote data sharing, as well as the use and evaluation of models. Click to view the proceedings and presentations from the workshop.

Workshop, February 1, 2005, Ottawa, Ontario
38 participants representing university, government, and producer groups across the country met to present their current research with the goal of establishing working relationships for future research. The group discussed research gaps and priorities and the need for standardisation of measurement techniques and reporting in the literature. Click to view proceedings and presentations from the workshop.

Workshop, December 12, 2003, Ottawa, Ontario
This visioning workshop met to address the need and feasibility of a national network bringing together scientists from animal production and manure management to discuss GHG mitigation. The focus for the day surrounded the purpose and priorities of such a network, and how it could be made to work efficiently.

Kebreab, E., Clark, K., Wagner-Riddle, C. and France, J. 2005. Methane and nitrous oxide emissions from Canadian animal agriculture: A review. Canadian Journal of Animal Science 86(2): 135-158.

Animal Production and Manure Management Network, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario.