Courses Taught


Course NumberCourse NameSemester
MATH 3100Differential Equations IIF11
MATH 4430Advanced Numerical MethodsF11
MATH 3260Complex AnalysisW12


Course NumberCourse NameSemesters
MATH 1000DEIntroductory Calculus IS04
MATH 2080Elements of Calculus IIW07, W08
MATH 2150Applied Matrix AlgebraF07, F08
MATH 2170Differential Equations IW04, S04, W05, W06
MATH 3100Differential Equations IIF04, F05, F06
MATH 3260Complex AnalysisW09, W10
MATH 4000Advanced Differential EquationsF05, W10
MATH 4060Topics II: Numerical Solutions to DEsW08
MATH 4430Advanced Numerical MethodsF04, F09
MATH 46001Advanced Research Project in MathematicsW10
MATH 6011Dynamical Systems IF05, F06, F08
BIOM 45211Research in Biomedical SciencesF07
BIOM 45221Research in Biomedical SciencesW08
BIOP 60002Concepts in BiophysicsW05, W08

1 Individual student supervison.
2 Taught portion of this course.