Release Notes

1.7 Released May 21, 2004.

This release fixed a bug in the voltage editor window. It now has a scrollbar for files with large numbers of sweeps.

1.6 Released March 10, 2003.

This release fixed a number of bugs related to fitting data where the number of inactivating channel groups, nh, is zero. (That is, when fitting non-inactivating currents.) In particular, the Quick Fit function was returning garbage for some of the parameter values, and the Full Fit function was requesting an initial value for V2h. This release also improved the output of some of the numbers on the screen which occasionally overran the available space when in exponential form.

1.5 Released November 20, 2002.

This release fixed a number of bugs and improved several features:

1.4 Released July 1, 2002.

This release fixed a bug with regard to reading time values from ABF files which had two different sampling intervals.

1.3 Released May 29, 2002.

This release fixed a bug in the Quick Fit function which was causing garbage to sometimes appear in the V2m and sm fields. Also the colour of the sweep include buttons was changed from red to green.

1.2 Released February 21, 2002.

This release fixes a few minor bugs including:

1.1 Released January 28, 2002.

This release is mostly transparent to the user except for the first two items listed below.

1.0 Released December 20, 2001.

Original release.