The Waterloo-Wellington Wildflower Society



Established in 1994, this garden is set up to demonstrate a few of the native species that can be grown in southern Ontario and create a spectacular garden while also providing habitat for a wide variety of insects including the Monarch butterfly. The garden is located on the southern side of the Botany Department's greenhouse near Gordon St. and Stone Rd. in Guelph.  (Nb.  We have been informed that Echinacea purpurea (Purple coneflower), pictured in the background above, is not native to southern Ontario.  However, it is native just south and west of us, and it is such a striking plant that attracts so many Monarch butterflies and is doing so well we cannot seem to justify pulling it out now!).

Asclepias tuberosa (Butterfly milkweed)

Helianthus divaricatus (Woodland sunflower)

Coreopsis lanceolata (Lance-leaved coreopsis)

Rudbeckia hirta (Black-eyed susans)

Asclepias incarnata (Swamp milkweed)

Monarda didyma (Bergamot, Bee-balm)
with Black-eyed Susans and Cattails.

Physostegia virginiana (Obedient plant)

Ratibida pinnata (Tall grey-headed coneflower)

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