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Have you ever sweltered in the steamy heat of a summer corn field, or escaped a biting winter wind by skiing into a forest canopy? The special microclimates of crops and forests are the joy of members of the Canadian Society of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. We are a group of scientists, professors, retirees, students and environmental consultants who have a special interest in the way vegetated surfaces interact with the atmosphere.

Latest updates

2010 02 11: Two post-doctoral positions are available at AAFC with Dr.~Elizabeth Pattey. Please see PDF-SAGES-NUE-modelling and PDF-PM-emissions for details.

The joint CMOS/CGU Congress will be held on May 31 to June 4, 2010 in Ottawa, Ontario at the Crowne Plaza. Please submit abstracts electronically to https://www1.cmos.ca/abstracts before the deadline of February 17, 2010. You will be asked to submit your abstract to one of several planned sessions that are listed at http://www.cmos.ca/congress2010/scientificsessionse.html and to specify your preference for either an oral or a poster presentation. An abstract fee of $50 will be charged at the time of submission. Your abstract will be evaluated by the Scientific Program Committee and you will be notified of acceptance by 2 March 2010. Details for your oral or poster presentation will be provided by 17 March 2010. CMOS and CGU student members are welcomed and encouraged to apply for a Student Travel Bursary when submitting an abstract; the application form may be found at: http://cmos.ca/congress2010/studentse.html The deadline for submission is February 26, 2010.

2009 08 25: Campbell Scientific Canada has renamed its student prize the Campbell Scientific Canada - Bert Tanner Student Prize, in honour of his many contributions to the field and tireless support of young scientists. Congratulations to Eduardo Santos (Guelph), who was the first recipient of this award at the Guelph 09 meetings.

Campbell Scientific Canada a renommé son prix d'étudiant « Bert Tanner »en l'honneur de ses nombreuses contributions à notre discipline et à son appui inlassable de jeunes scientifiques. Félicitations à Eduardo Santos (Guelph), qui était le premier destinataire de ce prix lors des réunions à Guelph09.

2009 08 24: The minutes of the 2009 Annual General Meeting have been posted.

2008 12 19: The 2009 CSAFM Meeting will take place in Guelph, August 5--7. See details here!

2008 12 18: Meeting announcement: Greenhouse Gases and Animal Agriculture Conference, Banff, Alberta, Oct 3-8, 2010, see http://www.ggaa2010.org.

2008 12 18: Professors Reuter (meso-scale meteorology) and Wilson (micro-meteorology) in the Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, U. Alberta, would be interested to hear from students interested in graduate studies.

2008 05 21: Congratulations to Ian Strachan on receiving the 2008 Graham K. Walker Award.

2008 03 26: The 2008 Annual General Meeting will be held at the AMS Agricultural and Forest Meteorology meeting in Orlando, FL, in the Jasmine Room from 6-7PM, Tuesday, April 29.

2008 03 13: Rob Gordon, the long-standing treasurer and active member of CSAFM, has been appointed Dean of OAC at Guelph. Congratulations!

2008 01 08: AAFC-Ottawa is looking for a Post-Doctoral Fellow.

2007 11 01: The University of Lethbridge is looking for a research technician/lab manager.

2007 10 31: The University of Connecticut is looking for a post-doc in aerobiology.

2007 10 24: The University of Guelph is looking for Tier II Canada Research Chair in Meteorology or Geology. Please see the advertisement or the university website.

2007 10 03: The call for papers for the 28th Conference on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology is out. This conference will be in Orlando, FL, April 28-May 2. The CSAFM Annual General Meeting will be held at this conference.

2007 10 03: Several graduate research assistantships are available at the University of Guelph in the general areas of micrometeorology and carbon cycling. For more information, please contact Jon Warland.

2007 07 31: Based on unanimous consent at the recent AGM, the executive has been updated. We have added a student representative and changed the role of web editor to Communications Director. Jenna Rapai, University of Guelph, is the first CSAFM Student Representative. These changes are reflected in the Constitution and By-laws.

2007 06 24: Congratulations to John Postma of the University of Alberta for winning the Campbell Scientific Canada Student Award for his talk 'Lagrangian stochastic probability density function modelling of concentration fluctuations in canopy flows'. picture

2007 06 24: The minutes of the 2007 Annual General Meeting have been posted.

2007 05 24: The Guelph Agricultural and Forest Meteorology Group has a new web site.

2006 10 12: The minutes of the 2006 Annual General Meeting have been posted.

2006 09 20: Aaron Glenn and Alison Sass, both of the Department of Soil Science at the University of Manitoba, are the Campbell Scientific Canada Student Presentation prize winners for their presentations at the AMS Ag and Forest Met meeting in San Diego. Congratulations!

2006 05 22: John D. Wilson named Fellow of the Society.

In memoriam: Dr. Wolfgang Baier was honoured at the AMS Ag and Forest Met meeting, May 2006, San Diego