Whitfield Lab . Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology . Chris Whitfield PH.D.  Canada Research Chair in Molecular Microbiology . Professor and Chair, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology

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Our research efforts focus on the broad area of prokaryotic glycobiology, with specific interests involving the structure and assembly of bacterial cell surfaces. Complex molecular machines coordinate the synthesis and export of cell-surface macromolecules and our goal is to understand their structure and function. This represents a fascinating challenge for experimental research, involving the application of a range of experimental strategies that span the disciplines of biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, and structural biology. These research topics are of fundamental importance in understanding the physiology and pathogenesis of bacteria and they may yield new therapeutic strategies for intervention in bacterial infections. Follow the links to learn more about our current research activities.

Our research is generously supported by the following agencies

Canada Foundation for Innovation Networks of Centres of Excellence Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

Canada Research Chairs program Wellcome Trust

Canadian Institutes of Health Research