Molecular Toxicology


Molecular Toxicology reflects the revolution that toxicology has undergone in the last decade, as the molecular and genetic basis of the science--including drug metabolism, carcinogenesis, programmed cell death, and DNA repair--has been elucidated. This book presents the biochemical molecular biological fundamentals underlying toxicology and drug metabolism. It emphasizes the enzymology of xenobiotic metabolism and the interaction of reactive metabolites with protein and DNA, and develops the toxicology of oxygen and oxidative stress as a major theme.

The second edition of the textbook was published in February 2006. It is not only updated but completely revised and re-written, with many new chapters and illustrations. The authors of the second edition are Josephy and Mannervik.

hardback, 608 pages; 355 halftones and line illus.; 7 x 10; ISBN13: 978-0-19-517620-9

Dr. Josephy's textbook is available through Oxford University Press

University of Guelph