Getting to the Josephy Lab

The lab and offices are in the west hallway of the new Science Complex (the largest building on the Guelph campus), which is located between the main Library and Gordon Street. Dr. Josephy's office is SC2253. The lab is room 2206, right across the hall from the office.

You can get directions and a campus map from the University home page.

Traveling by car from points east

(e.g., Toronto)

You should leave Hwy. 401 at Exit 299, and head north on Brock Road (County Road 46). After passing through the small town of Aberfoyle, you will reach Guelph in about fifteen minutes. Brock Road becomes Gordon Street. Passing the traffic lights at Stone Road, you will see the University of Guelph.

Traveling by car from points south

(e.g., Hamilton, Buffalo/Niagara)

Take Highway 6 north from the 403, which will take you to Hwy 401 at Exit 299. Here, highway 6 takes a "dog's leg" to the west, continuing north from the next westward Hwy. 401 interchange. Do not follow Highway 6, which is the marked route to Guelph. Instead, just continue directly north. The road you are on, which was Highway 6 south of the 401, becomes Brock Road (County Road 46) north of the 401, and leads straight to the university.

Traveling by car from points west

(e.g., London, Ont.)

You should leave Hwy 401 at the exit marked for downtown Guelph: Hwy 6 (North) (the "Hanlon Expressway"). Exit Hwy 6 at Stone Road and drive east, past the Stone Road Mall and the big new OMAFRA Headquarters building, to the traffic lights at Gordon Street. Turn left (north) on Gordon Street and you will see the University of Guelph.

Traveling by car from the Waterloo area

Take Hwy 7 East and turn off at Hwy 6 (South). Continue south to the Stone Road exit and then continue east as above.

Traveling by bus from Toronto

Ask the driver to let you off at the Unversity Centre (if the bus stops there; not all of the buses do); or else on Gordon Street, half-way between Stone Road and College Avenue, which is adjacent to the Science Complex building.


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