Dr. Edward McBean, Ph.D., P.Eng., P.E.

Professor of Engineering & Canada Research Chair in Water Supply Security Assistant Dean, College of Physical and Engineering Science

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Around the World

Working alongside experts from the World Bank and the United Nations, Dr. McBean has consulted on dozens of water supply projects in more than 60 countries around the world.

His overseas experiences have given him a different perspective on water supply and quality issues, particularly compared with North American standards. "In many parts of the world, people survive on no more water each day than Canadians use to flush a toilet once. I've watched people fill containers from ditches of putrid water. I've seen water in rivers that looked like it was going uphill because there was so much foam. Despite the wide range of work I've been involved in, I found myself chafing, the difficulty with consulting is that there's not a lot of time to investigate things as fully as I would like. I really like looking at problems in-depth." said Dr. McBean.

Examples of Internional Environmental Projects

  • Project manager for Getlini-Eko Landfill project in Latvia wherein capacity building and technical contract specifications were keys to successful completion of this World Bank and CIDA project

  • Worked for CIDA in the technical capacity building for global warming reductions in Pakistan wherein short courses and assistance to multiple levels of government in the development of Pakistan's National Response Strategy and their inventory of sources

  • Working with CIDA in the investigation of landfill gas recovery from the Maceio Landfill in Brazil, Villa Dominico Landfill in Argentina, and St. Nicolas Landfill in Mexico with respect to improvements in social conditions and the identification of potential useful outputs associated with biogas recovery for beneficial purposes

  • Working with CIDA and Industry Canada, as well as the Sustainable Cities Initiative in Salvador, Brazil, for the purposes of improvement in situation for waste pickers, the recycling system, and the ambience of the residents living adjacent to the landfill.

  • Working with CIDA on the Basha Reservoir on the Indus River in Pakistan
    Assessment of Solo River, Indonesia impacts on land use patterns and the needs to relocate residents

  • Extensively involved in West Java Environmental Management Project in Indonesia including multi-stakeholder and capacity building for implementing 45 sub-projects of this World Bank project for improvements in the environment in West Java

  • Project manager for the Tucuman project in Argentina wherein capacity building and pilot scale demonstration for landfill gas utilization for beneficial purposes

  • Project manager for Catamarca project in Argentina wherein capacity building and pilot scale demonstration is ongoing for landfill gas utilization for purposes of treatment of medical wastes.

  • Worked with the World Bank on provision of technical assistance and capacity building to multiple stakeholders as part of the Tamil Nadu Urban Infrastructure system as a means of distributing money for viable environmental projects for purposes of gender improvements, and poverty alleviation

  • Worked for the World Bank in Bangalore, India wherein attention was given to improve social conditions associated with the solid waste management system in Bangalore to reduce environmental exposures of workers and residents who live nearby the facilities

  • Worked for the State of Gujarat, India, in feasibility study for Gulf of Khambhat for desalination of lands, potential for hydropower, water supply to lands, and water supply to Surashtra, India

  • Worked with APEC on interboundary transfer of problematic wastes (e.g. automobile tires, electronic wastes, batteries, etc.)