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  “Evening and morning and at noon I will pray.”
-- Psalm 55:17



Why we pray:
» Getting to know God and spending time in honest and intimate conversations with Him.
» We can have that 24/7 access to God and pray about anything

Exploration of different ways to communicate to God:
» Newspaper Prayer – praying in a Local to Global Aspect
» Concert of Prayer – worship and prayer (praise and prayer)
» Scripture reading and prayer
» Start and maintain personal prayer list and prayer journal
» Popcorn Prayer
» Supportive Prayer (includes sharing)
» Prayer Walks (praying for the different needs around campus)

We have two prayer times (@ ACF Office, UC) so feel free to come and join us!

Prayer Requests:
Prayer Requests can be made via email (email topic: "PRAYER REQUEST"). This hopes to encourage a prayer committee within ACF to bring awareness about each other’s needs and burdens. This also encourages intimate sharing within our cell groups and the GACF as a whole.