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Cochlonema verrucosum, ZYGOMYCOTA: spore is ingested by the  host amoeba and once inside germinates to produce a stout, coiled thallus to digest the contents.'

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Multiple Infections of Amoeba Host by the Endoparasite Cochlonema verrucosum

Conidia are ingested by the amoeba and each conidium germinates inside the host to produce a stout, helicoid, assimilative thallus that utilizes the content of the amoeba for growth.  Fertile filamentous hyphae arise from the thallus, break through the amoeba's membrane to the outside and produce long unbranched chains of slightly roughened, fusiform spores (conidia).   Zygospores are produced at a late stage of the infection.    There are at least 18 species of Cochlonema.    

Cochlonema verrucosum Drechsler,  Cochlonemataceae, Zoopagales,  Zygomycota 

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