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Stylopage hadra is a predator of nematodes.  Nematodes are captured by hyphae that are adhesive at any point along their length.   This is unusual and most fungal predators use trapping devices that are morphologially much more complex and functionally more sophisticated.  However, Stylopage is a lower (nonseptate)  fungus (Zygomycota) and its options for creating sophisticated trapping devices are restricted as it does not have anastomoses at its command.

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Stylopage hadra:  a) conidiophore and conidia.  b) recently captured nema with assimilative hyphae. b) assimilative hyphae have now digested the nematode fully and the contents of the nematode and the assimilative hyphae have been translocated elsewhere for furthere growth of the hyphal system and production of reproductive structures for short term distribution or for long term persistence.