Review Comments on Barron's Book    

"It might be an axiom that there is no such thing as the perfect field guide, but this volume comes very close to it........ the clarity and general friendliness of layout, the quality of the photographs and accuracy of the text are a delight to behold."      

Geofffrey Kibby  -   Bioscience


"This beautifully illustrated field guide deserves space on any mushroomer's bookshelf"      

David Ritchie,  Detroit News


"The pictures are uniformly outstanding....    The species list is distributed among the common, the edible, the toxic and the fascinating  -  with a bit more emphasis than usual on the fascinating."......."The Barron book is user-friendly for the beginner and is a perfect field-portable companion."                

Harley Barnhart  -  Mushroom the Journal


"This book is an important addition to the identification guides even for our area (WESTERN CANADA).  The author has included Slime Moulds and paid more attention to mushrooms of "lesser interest"..........Barron paid special attention to small mushrooms and his photographic skills are remarkable.   Look at Mycena rorida (p283)!"

Adolf Ceska  -  Botanical Newsletter, British Columbia.


"In addition to being just high quality, there are pictures of  a great number of species that have not been depicted in any other book which I have studied. .... If you are a novice you will want this book as one of the best guides to get you started on serious identification.  If you are experienced, you will still want the book for the many pictures not found in any other common field guides.  

Ron Meyers  - The Kansas Mycolog


"George Barron's book is a worthwhile addition to any mushroom hunter or nature enthusiast's library.  The book contains fascinating natural history information, a variety of picture keys and quick reference guides, vivid photographs and well crafted diagrams."   

Magda Philips -  Nature Canada


"What I find most valuable about Barron's guide is the careful thought given to the intuitive organization and presentation of a limited but still very informative quantity of well chosen and scientifically accurate information.   ......"  "For me his Picture Keys are by far the most efficient, intuitive, and easy to remember introduction of this basic material that I have seen"  

Eric von Magnus - Maine Mycological Society Newsletter        


"The entire book is very readable either in one big meal or in smaller bites.....This one should definitely be on your bookshelf.                                  Peter Vachyska,  Wisconsin Mycological Society


"the photographs of the slime moulds are liable to ambush you with their beauty and anchor you right there with delight"

Kitty Griffith, Boston Mycological Club