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Cortinarius violaceus          Purple Cort

This distinctive and handsome Cortinarius is easily recognized by the colour that varies from bright purple to blackish purple and the gills turn rusty as the spores mature.

Caps are 5-12 cm, convex becoming flat, with low knob, dry, covered with minute tufts, becoming shiny in age, deep violet to purplish black. Flesh is blue-grey to deep violet. Gills are attached, broad, well-spaced, deep violet. Stalks are up to 12 cm tall by 1.5 cm broad, coloured as cap. Spore prints are  rust-brown. Widespread and common, this distinctive species fruits under conifers.   Reported as edible, but some Cortinarius species contain the deadly toxin orellanin; so, watch it!

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