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Pholiota squarrosa                     Scaly Pholiota

As a group the species of Pholiota are produced in attractive clumps and they are often hairy or scaly.    The variations in textures and colours  make them very photogenic and it is hard to say which species has the edge.  The Scaly Pholiota is well up there on aesthetic appeal.    It is eaten by some but causes gastrointestinal upsets from time to time so is no longer recommended as an edible.

Caps are 2-12 cm across, dry, scaly, hemispherical to broadly convex, yellow-brown, with darker scales. Gills are attached, yellowish with greenish tints, becoming olive-brown. Rings are persistent or disappearing. Stalks are up to 12 cm tall by 18 mm wide, white to yellowish with brownish scales. Spore prints are brown. Common and widespread, this species is recognized by the dry, scaly caps and fruiting in clusters at the base of tree trunks. Not edible.