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Agaricus placomyces                     Flat-Topped Agaricus

This woodland Agaricus is recognized by the large persistent ring and the scattered brownish to blackish brown scales over a whitish to beige base.   The scales can be quite profuse as in the specimen here.  Other times they are scattered so thinly over the surface that they can only be seen on the younger caps. 

Caps are 5-15 cm, convex to flat, dry, pallid, and more or less covered with blackish-brown or grey-black scales. Flesh is white to pink, and   stains yellow to brown. Gills are free, crowded, pink, becoming purple-brown. Stalks are up to 12 cm tall by 1.5 cm wide, white, staining yellow, and  smooth. Ring is large and persistent. Spore prints are purple-brown. Not edible.