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   Coprinus plicatilis                            Japanese Parasol

The common name of this species is well-earned.  The fruitbody has the delicate beauty of a Japanese parasol.  In the picture you can see the concertina-like grooves that give the species name 'plicatilis' (= folded).    The fruitbodies spring up overnight and are best seen in early morning while the dew is still on the grass.  They are often frizzled before lunchtime.

Caps  are 1-2.5 cm, dry, conical to bell-shaped, then umbrella-shaped, thin, with deep radial grooves and scalloped edges, brown to grey-black. Gills are far apart, narrow, and attached to a collar. Stalks are up to 7 cm tall by 2 mm wide, and smooth. Spore prints are  black. This attractive Ink Cap fruits in grass beside roads or pathways, sometimes in lawns or on well-rotted wood.   

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