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Gomphidius subroseus                                                                                      DARK-SPORED KEY                                    NEXT

With its rose-coloured cap and white stalk with a yellow base, this is an attractive mushroom.   The decurrent gills become blackish in age.  This species is rarely reported from the eastern regions but fruits abundantly on the west coast of North America.

Caps are 4-7 cm, convex becoming flat and depressed, smooth, slimy, and rose-pink to salmon-red. Gills are decurrent, well-spaced, and white becoming grey-brown. Stalks are up to 7 cm tall by 2 cm wide, white with yellow base. Ring is white, becoming blackish with spore deposit, sometimes disappearing. Spore prints are black. Widespread, this attractive and distinctive mushroom fruits under conifers. Edible.