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Hypholoma sublateritium               Brick Top

There are several common species of Hypholoma.  Brick Top is so-called because of the red-brown colour of the caps.  It fruits on dead hardwood logs and stumps.  The similar H. capnoides fruits on conifer wood. Hypholoma fasciculare (= Sulphur Tuft) is yellowish,  bitter to the taste and fruits on conifer stumps.  Sulphur Tuft is poisonous and the other species, although edible, are not recommended because of the possibilitiy of misidentification.

Caps are 2-10 cm across, smooth, moist to dry, broadly convex and sometimes knobbed, brick-red, paler near the edge. Gills are attached, close, narrow, white to grey, becoming purple-brown. Stalks are up to 10 cm tall by 12 mm broad, and whitish. Spore prints are purple-brown. Widespread and common, it fruits on dead hardwood. Edible but not recommended. See above comments!