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Coprinus atramentarius       Tipplers Bane

Caps are 2-8 cm across, conic to bell-shaped, metallic grey, smooth and silky-fibrillose. Edible, but do not consume with alcohol. Coprinus species autolyse (self digest) very quickly and you must eat them the same day as you pick them! Photo:Brian Shelton

Tippler's Bane contains a  toxin called coprine.  After ingestion this toxin functions much like antabuse given to alcoholics to discourage drinking.   If alcohol is consumed with the mushroom  it facilitates absorption of the coprine toxin into the system.  The toxin is a vasorelaxer causing dilation of the blood vessels and an overall flushing turning to bright red especially in the face and upper body.   The symptoms are reportedly manifested if alcohol is consumed even 2-3 days after ingestion of the msuhrooms.   But who's going to test this unlikely hypothesis?