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Psathyrella delineata          

The caps of this large Psathyrella species can be up to 10 cm across.  It is recognized by the red-brown colour and the lumpy wrinkles at the centre of the cap.  The ring can be pronounced but it is fragile and will disappear with weathering or handling.

Caps are 4-10 cm across, broadly conical, becoming bell-shaped and broadly knobbed, dry, wrinkled at the centre, rich red-brown when young, maturing to orange-brown, and fading in age. Stalks are up to 10 cm tall by 2 cm wide, whitish, darker near base, and fibrous. Rings are fragile, grooved, and disappear early. Spore prints are  purple-brown. Widespread but not common, this handsome Psathyrella fruits on woody debris