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Amanita flavoconia           Yellow Patches

The bright orange to orange-yellow colour of the cap and the orange traces over the ring and stalk and especially at the base are distinctive for this species.  If there are radial striations at the edge of the cap then it is possibly Amanita frostiana and this can be confirmed by checking the spores which are nonamyloid in A. flavoconia and amyloid in A. frostiana.    Amyloid (= staining blueish-black in iodine or Melzer's reagent). 

Caps are 2-8 cm across, bright yellow to orange-yellow, convex to flat, with scattered yellow patches. Gills are free, and white to yellowish. Stalks are up to 12 cm tall by 12 mm broad, white or pale yellow, with a bulbous base.   Ring  is persistent, and cream to yellow. Cup disintegrating and remaining in soil or scattered on the stalk. Spore prints are white and amyloid. Common and widespread, it fruits on the ground in woods.   Not edible.