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Amanita wellsii

The pinkish to flesh-coloured cap and yellow, cottony stalk with a swollen base make this Amanita quite distinctive.  Although reported from Quebec and Nova Scotia, it is not common in Eastern Canada.  This handsome specimen was photographed in Upper Clements Wildlife Park in Nova Scotia.     

Caps are 5-12 cm, convex to flat, flesh-coloured to salmon-pink, with pale yellowish patches and remnants of the veil adhering to the edge of the cap. Gills are white. Stalks are up to 12 cm tall by 2 cm wide, with a slightly bulbous base, lemon-yellow, and cottony-powdery. Ring disappearing early. Cups are reduced to a yellow deposit around the basal bulb. Spore prints are  white. Widespread but rare, this handsome and distinctive species fruits on the ground in mixed woods. Not edible.