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 Nyctalis parasitica (= Asterophora parasitica)

As the species name suggests this fungus is a parasite.  It grows on old fruitbodies of Russula and produces its grey fruitbodies in clusters on top of the decaying mushroom.  The "host" is often so badly decayed it is hardly recognizable.  Widespread but not common as it needs a flush of Russula species followed by prolonged wet weather.

Caps are 1-2 cm across, hemispherical, white becoming greyish to dingy-brown, and radially-streaked to hairy. Gills are attached, far apart, narrow, thick, and off-white. Stalks are up to 3 cm tall, slender, powdery to silky, and white to pale brown. Spore prints are white. Widespread and not uncommon, it fruits on decaying Russula species. Also known under its asexual name of Asterophora parasitica.