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Catathelasma ventricosa

This robust species has white spores, decurrent gills, thick flesh, a large floppy ring and fruits on the ground under conifers.  It is reported by some to be fairly common in Northern North America.  I have not found it in any of my haunts in Ontario but have seen it at Cape Split in Nova Scotia and  also in Maine.  They say it is good for eating and tasty but I have heard that one before!

Caps are 5-15 cm across, convex becoming flat, white to off-white or greyish, and thick and fleshy. Gills are decurrent, and coloured as the cap. Stalks are up to 10 cm tall by 5 cm wide, and taperto a narrow point which is buried.   Rings are double and  flaring to floppy.  Spore prints are white. Widespread but not common, it fruits on the ground under conifers. Edible.