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      Gomphus floccosus              Woolly Gomphus  

With its bright orange-red colour, scaly caps and ridges for gills it's hard to mistake the Woolly Gomphus when you find it.  The fruitbodies have the general shape of old-fashioned spikes that have been hammered into the ground.  This is not uncommon in the Eastern Zones and even more common along the Pacific Northwest.  

Fruitbodies are trumpet-shaped, up to 15 cm tall. Caps are 5-10 cm wide, dry, with flat or depressed top, yellow to orange with reddish tints, covered with reddish to orange-red scales. Gills are decurrent, poorly developed, consisting of shallow wrinkles, ochre to reddish yellow. Stalks are smooth, short, running into cap, pale yellow. Spore prints are ochre. It fruits on the ground under conifers.  Don't eat it!