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Craterellus fallax                                 Horn of Plenty       

This species gives a pink spore print but cannot be distinguished in field characteristics from Craterellus cornucopioides (see below) which gives a white spore print. Both are edible and although thin-fleshed are considered of excellent quality.   This species is normally grouped with the chanterelles amongst the light-spored fungi.   It has neither gills nor ridges and might be mistaken for some kind of Sac fungus by beginners.

Craterellus cornucopioides                                                                                    

Fruitbodies 5-12 cm tall, 1-5 cm wide, dry, smooth, trumpet-shaped, with wavy inrolled margins, brown to smoky-grey or almost black, thin, tough. Gills absent or reduced to wrinkles. Stalks not distinct, merging with caps. Spore print white. Widespread and fairly common, this distinctive species fruits on the ground in woods. Edible.