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Clitopilus prunulus var orcellus

This handsome mushroom is recognized by the decurrent gills and pinkish spore print.   It is similar to Clitopilus prunulus var prunulus (The Miller) but has a slimy cap and is bone white. Also, the specimens I have seen are more robust than C. prunulus.   Some consider this a distinct species  (Clitopilus orcellus)and others as merely a variety (C. prunulus var orcellus)

Clitopilus prunulus                                                                                                      Caps are 2-9 cm across, dry, silky, convex to flat or depressed, with a lobed margin, cream to buff or greyish, and often with a yellow tinge.  Mushrooms have the odour and taste of ground meal. Gills  are decurrent, white, ageing pinkish, close and narrow.   Stalks are up to 5 cm tall by 1.5 cm broad, white and  minutely hairy.   The spore print  is pink. Widespread and fairly common, this species fruits on the ground in woods. Edible.