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   Entoloma abortivum             Aborted Entoloma

The fat, disk-shaped aborted fruitbodies are distinctive for this species.  Non-aborted mushrooms  are  dove-grey.  This mushroom was previously called Clitopilus abortivus but was moved to Entoloma as, unlike other Clitopilus species, the spores are angular as they are in Entoloma species

Caps are 5-10 cm across,   dry, smooth, convex, becoming flat, with a wavy margin and dove grey to grey-brown.   They have the odour and taste of ground meal. Gills are decurrent, close, narrow, grey, becoming pink. Stalks are up to 8 cm tall by 13 mm broad, minutely hairy and coloured as cap but paler. The spore print is salmon-pink. Widespread and common, this species fruits on or near rotting wood.  PINK-SPORED KEY                        

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