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Leptonia incana

The green colour and the pinkish spore print make this species distinctive.  Hygrocybe psittacina is also green but is very slimy and has a white spore print.  Leptonia incana is very variable.  Sometimes the cap is uniform  and other times radially streaked. The pea-green colour (click here) can fade to yellow-green or yellow as seen here.

Caps are 2-3 cm, dry, smooth, convex to flat, umbilicate, pea-green to turquoise-green becoming bright yellow and often radially striate at maturity.  Mushrooms have the odour of mice.   Gills  are attached, well-spaced, greenish to yellowish  and becomine pale orange-brown.  Stalks are smooth, shining and green to yellow-green.  The spore print is pink. Readily recognized by its green to yellow-green colour and unpleasant taste,  this mushrooms is common and widespread and fruits on the ground in mixed woods.