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Amanita virosa      Destroying Angel     (from MycoAlbum CD -Photo: Brian Shelton (or me!)


1.  Pure white

2.  Free gills

3.  Large floppy ring on stalk

4. Cup at the base of the stalk.  Often buried in duff.  CHECK!!!!!

5.  White spore print. 

Contains amanitin and phalloidin and these will kill you if you consume the mushroom.  Slow painful death over many days!  WATCH  IT!  See also Leucoagaricus naucina

Description:  Caps are 5-13 cm across, slippery when wet, smooth, convex to flat, and pure white. Gills are free, close and white.  Stalks are up to 15 cm tall by 2 cm broad, swollen at the base, smooth to silky or fibrillose and white.   Ring is large, persistent, white, and floppy. Cups are sac-like, and encase the base and part of the stalk. Spore prints are white and  amyloid.  It fruits on the ground in woods. Widespread and common, the Destroying Angel is well-named as one of the prettiest and deadliest mushrooms. Poisonous.