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Arthrobotrys conoides           Mite's Eye View

When Arthrobotrys captures and consumes nematodes, some of the nutrient goes quickly into reproduction and the fungus produces a tiny forest of stalks (conidiophores) bearing apical clusters of large two-celled spores (conidia) above the bodies of the victims.  The spores are carried off by water, air, mites etc to new sites for exploitation.  The view here shows how it looks under a microscope and very few people have seen the microforest you see here.   Because of the high magnification, the depth of field is very shallow and the Arthrobotrys spore stalks (conidiophores) are out of focus.  One day technology will solve the problem of low magnification scanning and we will reveal some wonderous views in the microscopic Kingdom of the Fungi.  Click here for explanatory diagram