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Ascocoryne sarcoides

The gelatinous fruitbodies are violet to purple or reddish purple and up to 1 cm across. Young fruitbodies appear as purplish lobes bursting out of the wood (right side of cluster).   Lobes absorb water and expand to form cups or discs which swell and coalesce to form the gelatinous mass you see here.  The individual apothecia can still be discerned.   Widespread and common, this purple sac fungus is found on stumps or logs of hardwoods.   Looks like a Jelly Fungus (Basidiomycota) and a microscopic squash will reveal the asci and ascospores and confirm that it is a Sac Fungus (Ascomycota).   Check Ascotremella for another Jelly look-alike