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Colonies of bacteria under attack by hyphae of Lepista nuda

When your taking lots of photomicrographs of fungi  you try a number of different techniques to demonstrate a point.   Also, you tend to take a number of different shots because it is often a few weeks before you get the special  film (blanced for incandescent light) back from Kodak.  By which time the specimens you were photographing are long gone.

Most microscopes have a dark field option.  Dark field microscopy isn't much good for detail but it can sometimes give a different 'look'  that can be visually interesting.  This slide shows several microcolonies of bacteria surrounded by a thin weft of fungal hyphae on a water agar surface.  In the vicinity of the bacterial colonies the fungi initiate numerous directional hyphae that seek out, penetrate, dissolve and absorb the bacteria. CLICK HERE FOR MORE