December 2003 

I.   Photo of the Month  - Purple Coral from Tony Gola, Windsor, MASS

II.  We've come a long way!!!    Photo of Coprinus disseminatus taken  circa 1954 using Praktica 35 SLR with f3.5 Tessar lens.

III.  Erysiphe graminis cause of Powery Mildew of Grass and other graminaceous hosts (e.g. oats).   Series of  five  shots.

IV. Additions to Species List:  Marasmius pulcherripes, Lentinellus ursinus, Dasyscyphus sulphureus, Cantharellus tubaeformis, Cystoderma amianthinum

V. Merry Christmas from Niall Hamilton of New Zealand

Note: Background shot is haustoria of Erysiphe graminis inside epidermal cells of  blue-grass leaf.