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Creopus gelatinosus

(Hypocreales, Pyrenomycetes, Ascomycota)

In Hypocrea the fruitbodies are tiny perithecia. The perithecia are embedded in a fungal matrix, made up of hyphae and pseudoparenchyma, called a stroma.  In this species the perithecia appear as dark green dots in a pale lemon stroma.  The number of perithecia in each stroma varies from 5-35 or more.  The ascospores in the asci are colourless at first but become dark green as they mature and this causes the entire perithecium to darken with time. At the top left of the picture you can see some younger  stromata where the   perithecia and ascospores are not yet mature and are pale greenish lemon.  It fruits on well rotted wood.  Also known as Hypocrea gelatinosa