Additions for November 2003   

I.   Bioluminescence  "FOXFIRE

A.  Photos by Lex Kreffer (Leiden University) of wood infected by Armillaria mellea glowing in the dark.  More pictures by Lex:  CLICK HERE.

II. From Bob Hall.   It's amazing what turns up when you turn things over!

III.   Plus 12 additions  

1. Aspergillus niger - pompon heads,   2. Creopus gelatinosus light-coloured stroma with embedded perithecia, 3. Lagenidium sp. zoospores encysted on nematode egg,  4. Periconia macrospinosa - Hyphomycete 5.   Tricholomopsis decora, 6. Cudonia monticola7.   Spore Print - Agaricus , 8. Strobilurus trullisatus - cone mushroom.