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Clavulina amethystina                 Branched Purple Coral

Photo: Tony Gola

Coral fungi are so-called because some of them look like they should be growing under the sea.  The Branched Purple Coral is a case in point.  This exellent shot was sent to me by Tony Gola of Windsor, MA who took it in a maple/beech wood in Massachusetts.  It does indeed look, however, like it was growing in the sea.   Maybe Tony should use Adobe and put a fish in the background for added effect!  

Incidently the picture was taken using flash and Tony said his 'natural light' shots were not as good.  So, remember!  While it is generally true that natural light is better,  sometimes  it  is the flash shot that is the standout.  I have found that there is a distinct colour shift using flash and in this case it favours purple

By the way Massachusetts is a great state for fungi.  Some of my best forays were there.  And if you are in MA then know that there is an excellent and active Mycological Club in Boston.  Check http://www.bostonmycologicalclub.org/