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Verticillium sp #2   parasitizing a nematode

Some Verticillium species are endoparasites on nematodes.  The spore attaches to the cuticle of the host, penetrates through the wall  to the interior and the hypahe of the parasite then proliferate inside the body.    The fungus breaks out of the host to produce its reproductive conidiophores bearing conidiogenous cells (philides) singly or in clusters or whorls along its length.   In some Verticillium species the conidiophores are relatively short, stiff and more or less erect (click here).  In other Verticillium species the conidiophores are elongate and floppy as in the above photomicrograph.  The spores (phialoconidia) slime down and gather in balls at the mouth of the  phialides.