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Amanita muscaria                            Fly Agaric

Caps are 7-20 cm across, hemispherical to convex, becoming flat, with a striate margin, covered with white to buff cottony patches, and yellow to orange-red or bright red.  Gills are free, close, and white to cream. Stalks are up to 15 cm tall by 2.5 cm wide, white or yellowish, and scaly near the base. Rings are large, and white to cream.  Cups are reduced to scaly rings at the base of the stalk.  Spore prints are white, and non amyloid.  It fruits on the ground in woods. Widespread and very common.  The yellow and orange-red varieties dominate  in the Great Lakes region. Poisonous. (muscimole and ibotenic acid - hallucinogens,  also small quantities of muscarine)