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Hat Made from Fibres of Ganoderma/Fomes Fruitbodies

I had an excellent technician some years ago who was from Hungary.  While visiting her homeland she took a side trip to Romania and found this very interesting hat.  So she bought it as a gift for me.  Style not exactly my taste mind you; more like a design for Count Dracula's gamekeeper.   Nevertheless, I was delighted to receive the gift (thank you again Eva) as it was made from fungus fibres.  Nowadays it would be possible to sample the fibres and do a DNA analyses and name the species used to construct the hat.   To be truthful, I have no idea what fungi are involved but it may well be a combination of several species of the perennial brackets.

I think they would have to soften up the brackets, then break them into pieces and make some kind of thick, pasty stuff that they could mould into a suitable shape.  To be honest I have absolutely NO IDEA  how the FBs are processed to make the hat.  I'll check the web and get back to you on this, but if anyone has first hand experience they could drop me an E-mail at gbarron@uoguelph.ca