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Leptonia incana          Green Leptonia

In a very dark wood, on a very dull day, following a  drizzle of rain through the night, these brilliant green mushrooms stood out, in almost luminescent splendor, against the dark rotting humus of the forest floor.

Caps are 2-3 cm across, dry, smooth, convex to flat, umbilicate, pea-green to turquoise-green, becoming bright yellow and often radially striate at maturity, and with the odour of mice. Gills are attached, well-spaced, greenish to yellowish,  becoming pale orange-brown.  Stalks are smooth, shining, and green to yellow-green. Spore prints are  pink.   Readily recognized by its colour and unpleasant taste, the Green Leptonia is common and widespread and fruits on the ground in mixed woods.