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Marasmius oreades            Fairy Ring Mushroom

One of the wild mushrooms that is worth eating.  It is very common in western Canada and is frequuently found in  grassy areas in parks etc where it is regarded as a bit of a pest.  It is toughish and doesn't fracture easily.   Also it resurrects, so that after rainy periods, or in the morning dew, it is fleshy and can easily be seen but dries up later in the sun.    If you collect it all dried up or dry it in the sun it will 'flesh out'  again if you put it in water for a little while (good test).

Description:   Caps are 2-5 cm across, dry, smooth, bell-shaped to convex or flat to broadly knobbed, honey-brown to tan, fading in age, margin often striate. Flesh is thin, white, tough, and  revives when rewetted.  Gills are nearly free, well-spaced, broad, whitish to yellow-tinged.  Stalks are up to 8 cm tall by 5 mm wide, tough, coloured as cap or paler, and smooth or finely downy. Spore prints are  white. Widespread and common, it fruits in grass. Edible and good!