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Phylloporus rhodoxanthus            Gilled Bolete

Most of us are going to look for this species under "Gill Fungi"  and in books for beginners maybe that's where we should put it!  In most cases it's included with the boletes.   In my book I key it out in gilled fungi (brown-spored group) but illustrate it with the boletes.

Description: Caps are 2-6 cm across, convex becoming flat, dry, velvety, chestnut-brown to red-brown.  Flesh is   yellow.  Stalks are up to 6 cm tall, pale yellow-buff, and with reddish tinge.   Gills  are decurrent, bright yellow, well-spaced, bruising blue, and often forked or with transverse connectives.  Spore prints are olive, and dry yellow-brown.    It fruits on the ground in mixed woods. Edible.