Like most people I receive a lot of strange E-mails.   Also, I get a lot of comments, enquiries and requests generated by my website.   It is not always clear from the source, however, if the E-mails are legitimate or not and which ones contain unfriendly virus attachments or whatever. We have to be careful what we open.

So!  When I received an E-mail  from somebody called 'D',  I immediately deleted it.   A few days later I got another E-mail from  'D'.  This time I opened it.  It had incredibly unusual wording, grammer, and spelling, implored me for help and requested one of my books on nematode parasites.   The wording looked like the work of a creative colleague who was trying to play a trick.  So, AGAIN I deleted the E-mail.  A few more days and another E-mail from 'D'.  This time I looked at it more critically.  It contained an address with the name of a strange sounding University in a middle east country.   I got on the web and  'Lo and Behold' , I found that indeed there was such a University and the E-mail was probably a legitimate request for information.  So,  feeling  badly about my neglect, I wrapped up a book and sent it off.   Sometime later I received the 'thank you' note you just read.

P.S.  If you think you can now send me a strange E-mail, written in odd English and get a free book - FORGET IT!!!