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Page from Thumbnail Section of the MycoAlbum CD

George Barron , Environmental Biology, University of Guelph, Guelph  ON N1G 2W1

This page of thumbnails covers Zygomycota (pro part).   In the album clicking on file name (red arrow ) takes you to that page.

     In the album clicking on page content (black arrow) enlarges page to screen size for quick  inspection.

     There are thirty thumbnails on each page and about 35 pages of thumbnails for   speedy assessment and selection of  images with a total of over a thousand quality images of fungi.


<< In the album proper at the page marked with the black arrow you will find the word 'large' overtyped on the image.   This indicates  that if you right click on this image it will go to full screen size on your monitor.   Click here to see how it will look.


Comment on MycoAlbum CD from RP   -   ' Excellent CD '