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I wasn't always a nobody -   here is a picture of me and the Dean in 1975

Actually, I was the judge at a University-wide pumpkin carving contest and I am holding up the winner.   He had big ears and a cigar stuck in his mouth - no contest!

I have no idea who the hat belonged to but in retrospect I rather like it.  I'll pass out a hint for Christmas. 

Historical note:   The fuzzy guy in the centre behind me is a young Dr. Doug Larson of cryptoendolithic fame not to mention 1000-year-old cedars on the Niagara Escarpment.  Doug is an ecologist by training so fuzzy is good.  The man on the right with half a face is Dave Smith who specialized in controlled burns in forest ecology.  At least controlled burns was the original plan!!! 

Postscript:  Actually Doug claimed 511-year-old cedars with estimates of up to 700 years.  I just stretched the limits a bit - isn't that what ecologists do?